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Ekorce release inspired psybient 'Endless Flow' EP

Psybient producer Ekorce releases inspired worldly downtempo EP, ‘Endless Flow’

Call it psychedelic midtempo. Call it psydub downtempo, psybient, or psybreaks. Whatever term one uses to describe the world-influenced desert bass aesthetic, its a sound championed by french producer Kyrian Nicolay-Kritter. Running under his Ekorce moniker, the psychedelic composer has been building his sonic universe filled with deep emotional bass textures since 2014. Coming off three EP releases and several one-off singles since 2016, Ekorce now unveils his seven-track Endless Flow EP via Merkaba Music.

His stage name is derived from the french word “écorce,” emphasizing the organic and raw aspects of his music. That’s exactly how his newest immersive listening journey takes shape. Embodying a meditative experience through sound, the entire EP oscillates through powerful rhythms, world sounds, and psychedelic structures. With track titles like “Contemplation,” “Riddled Reflections,” “Dazzled By The Unknown,” and “Human Concept,” the EP is exactly the kind of music one would want to be relaxing to out on the playa or welcoming in the next solar eclipse.

Photo credit: Gagarin Project.