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i_o releases second EP in three-part 'Project 444' series, 'NRG444'

i_o returns to mau5trap with second EP in three-part ‘Project 444’ series, ‘NRG444’

As one of the undisputed breakout acts of 2019, i_o (real name Garrett Lockhart) is on a pounding, tech-filled journey and is inching closer to completion. The mau5trap favorite previously released his ACID 444 EP, the first in his larger EP trilogy, dubbed PROJECT 444. The four-track project takes a deep dive back to techno’s roots with each track encompassing dark industrial beats that pay homage to the “acid tracks” of the Roland TB-303.

Now comes the second installment of i_o’s three-part EP series, NRG 444. Lockhart’s newest four-track offering is more aggressive and uptempo than the first, “hitting at the rave sounds and hard dance vibes that became super popular in the UK, Europe and bigger cities, like New York,” describes the producer to Forbes. He also notes that NRG 444 is meant for a main room, peak hour techno set, with it’s more driving beat structures and hard-hitting big room appeal.

Each part of the project focuses on a different area of dance music that defines i_o as an artist. With the third and final piece arriving at the end of his 444 tour, Lockhart says the project will be a more progressive four-track collection that will feature “longer tracks, more emotion, and more melody.” He likens it to the early deadmau5 catalog dating back to the late 2000s.

Fans can still see i_o on his 444 tour, which runs until June when he hosts his EP/tour wrap party at The Palladium in Los Angeles. Lockhart will be performing in a small warehouse with his DJ booth on the floor, so as to bring the full energy of the classic days of warehouse raves.

i_o NRG 444 tour dates

Photo credit: Chris Koeppen.