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SAGZ x MeSo - Quibble

SAGZ and MeSo team up on sweltering heavy bass track, ‘Quibble’

When it comes to free form, experimental bass, Spicy Bois is one artist collective-turned-record label that is beginning to turn heads. In addition to a featured stage takeover at this year’s fifth annual Untz Festival, they’ve been releasing swiftly and with intention. Label co-founder MeSo (real name Kevin Lee) has just been featured on Electric Hawk newcomer SAGZ’s newest release, “Quibble.” To be frank, the pair have all-but-outdone themselves on their latest collaboration.

The heavy hitting bass track procures its ethos from the gritty underground, complete with experimental textures, sweltering wobbles, spacey, synth laden terrains, and paralyzing low-end drops. MeSo’s signature marks can certainly be heard on the track, but the Spicy Bois leader makes plenty of room for the emerging bass artist to drive the track’s forward momentum. The result is a record that is truly representative of where underground bass is headed. “Quibble” is low-end chemistry served at the perfect temperature.