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Android Jones, Alex & Allyson Grey returning to LiB 2020

After a stunning 2020 line-up release, California-based Lightning in a Bottle has been steadily releasing exciting news for fans of the iconic transcendent festival. The most recent news is no exception: famed artists Android Jones, Alex Grey and Allyson Grey have been added to the list of must-see artists to engage with. 

Android Jones has been well known in the psychedelic art world for some time, and for good reason. His detailed, layered art has made waves among the festival scene and he is often coveted at events, either doing visuals for live artists or bringing his own production. For his return to Lightning in a Bottle festival, he’s participating with a 360-degree visual dome and accompanying art gallery. Known as MOVA, this experience will allow festival-goers to experience more than one medium of art, including sculptures. The MOVA Gallery hasn’t been at LiB since 2017. 

In addition to Android Jones, husband and wife team and visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey will be presenting in various ways. They will be live painting onstage during Emancipator‘s set as well as holding a Visionary Culture talk and leading an interactive drawing class. The Visionary Culture talk is centered around the history of humanity and seeking altered states of consciousness. This duo is, much like Android Jones, well known among the psychedelic and spiritual community for their insights into consciousness. 

These artists are well in character as festival additions, and sure to add to the overall culture and experience for attendees. 

H/T: Lightning in a Bottle.