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Let bass newcomer DISK:ERR download your mind into the heavy world of ‘DSL’ [Premiere]

Los Angeles-based DJ/producer DISK:ERR is setting out to download his listener’s brains into his immersive style of freeform bass. The West Coast bass newcomer, who is known by his close friends as Forrest Jorgensen, finished out 2019 strong with a self-titled debut EP, followed by his single, “Adderall.” Now DSIK:ERR comes to Conscious Electronic to premiere his first track of the year in “DSL.”

Pushing the boundaries of noise and sound, “DSL” is an audacious journey into the digital stratosphere where there’s never a dull moment. DISK:ERR harnesses this concept and translates it into a heavy sonic atmosphere that feels as familiar and nostalgic as the days of dial-up. Yet, there’s something forward-thinking and innovative about his sound.

The track begins full-force with a trippy, broken introduction that feels as though one’s brain is being jumpstarted like a car battery. The first drop yields a concoction of ethereal highs, layered tempos and break beats, spacey synths, and heavy bass lines working subtlety underneath to drive the track forward. The result yields a heavy halftime track that aims at breaking genre constraints in service of creating an ethereal state in listeners.

“DSL is a song in where envision the listener being ‘downloaded’ into the song before emerging from this trippy experience and going on an anthemic journey of exploring this new world,” Jorgensen tells CE of the track.

What stands out about DISK:ERR’s sound most is how he is comfortably focused on the imperfections yielded from pushing both hardware and software beyond their limit. There’s something honest about his beat work that seeks out to create sonic textures ranging from soft, vulnerable, and dream-like to hard-hitting, grimey, bass fueled bangers. This is music that is calm in chaos. 

DISK:ERR – DSL [Conscious Electronic Premiere]


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