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The Road to Envision: Meet the artists of the Sol Stage

As the tenth anniversary of Envision Festival nears, attendees from around the world are readying their packing lists, digging up their passports, and getting ready to make the trek to Costa Rica’s southwest corner for a full week of music and healing. Held yearly near the town of Uvita, Envision promises an immersive experience of talented musical acts, world-class stage performers, international yoga instructors and workshops by experts on sustainability, spirituality, and more. Conscious Electronic will be covering each of the stages and the workshops in detail in the days leading up to the festival.

The Sol Stage is a cherished institution at Envision. In the middle of the grounds, the massive area hosts most of the festival’s bands and live acts. Named after the Spanish word for “sun,” the positive light radiating outward from the Sol Stage shines to every corner of the gathering.

Where the Lapa Stage features danceable electronic music, and the Luna stage features the festival’s heavier bass music, the Sol Stage favors a wide variety of talented live musicians. The last of the stages to finally begin, Friday is the first day that Sol artists will start to perform. As the festivities have already commenced for a few days at that point, attendees should be warmed up and receptive to the loving vibrations that emanate from the stage of the sun.

Start planning your Envision 2020 schedule for the Sol Stage now:

Beginning on Friday, Envision crowds will be treated to a variety of sounds from across Central America and the world. Nicaraguan band La Cuneta Son Machín will deliver a more traditional but energetic performance that honors the music of Central America. Glitch hop/electrofunk duo The Funk Hunters will play an hour-long set featuring rapper Chali 2na, who will close out the mutual 90-minute slot with 30 minutes of his own music. Originally known for his distinctive bass voice and conscious lyrics in the legendary rap group Jurassic 5, he is sure to bring an energetic vibe and uplifting message to what should be an already amazing set by the dynamic Funk Hunters.

Friday will close out first with Nahko and Medicine for the People, the Portland-based folk/world/alternative band with only positive vibes to bring. This set has been marked by Envision as one of their highlighted performances of the weekend, so it’s sure to be a special one. Closing out Friday night will be Santos y Zurdo, experimental electronic/world duo who rely on live looping, sitar and other instruments to create their vibe. The two performers have been making music together for over a decade and will certainly be bringing their most leveled-up sound to the festival.

Saturday sees Canadian duo Moontricks bringing their folk/blues/electronic sound to the Sol Stage, They will be followed closely by Chancha via Circuito, the Argentinian producer who fuses cumbia music with electronic vibes. In a similar vein, Sonambulo Psicotropical will bring another Latin American fusion-based jam as the night progresses. The aptly-named and now-legendary Rüfüs du Sol will close out the evening with their uplifting blend of live instrumentation-oriented electronic music.

The final day of the Sol Stage will play host to the Envision Orchestra, another one of the festival’s recommended highlights. Full of a variety of instruments and musicians and directed by the multi-faceted Vir McCoy, the evening will be filled with jams from the all-stars in the orchestra. Closing out the Sol Stage on Sunday evening will be futuristic folk/blues/electronica group Dirtwire, founded by David Satori of the famed fusion band Beats Antique.

This year’s run on this stage is impressive both in its star power and in its array of diverse musical acts. Featuring artists from all around the world and right here in Latin America, the vibe will be one of spontaneous creation and music drawn from the roots of all civilization on earth. 2020 will be a year to remember on Envision Festival’s Sol Stage.

If you’re needing music for the cross-country travel to Costa Rical, be sure to check out our carefully curated Road to Envision 2020 playlist for the Sol Stage.