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Moon Boots taps Mat Zo for retro-house remix of ‘Tied Up’

Moon Boots has created a career on drawing influences from early 80s disco/R&B records to build his house-inflected oeuvre. It’s a sound predominately heard on his “2019 single, Tied Up,” featuring Steven Klavier. The Brooklyn-based producer, who runs around town as Peter Dougherty, now taps 2020’s comeback kid, Mat Zo, for a retro-house makeover of the track.

A true artistic chameleon, Mat Zo leaves his mark on “Tied Up” by tacking on a layer of distorted funk to the song’s original bassline. All the while, Zo is careful to keep to the original’s soulful vibe. The MAD ZOO helmer’s influence on the remixed version is best heard as Zo manipulates Steven Klavier’s jazzy vocal scats to compliment his added-in UK garage-styled breakbeats.

“Tied Up” comes along with another remix from New York producer Kenny Dope, who leans into the song’s jazz and funk foundation on his rendition. Stream “Tied Up (The Remixes) on Spotify.