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Autograf releases new indie-pop single, ‘Easy’

The Chicago based duo Autograf have made waves before for their visually and audibly pleasing shows, and are back again to begin stirring up the house world with an upcoming debut album The Ace of You, and ongoing tour. Their light, free sound makes it nearly impossible to not get up and dance, and they are steadily amassing a dedicated dance following.

The pair, who focus intently on authenticity and creative freedom in their music, have just released a new single with Papa Ya: “Easy.” It may still be winter, but this song will transport listeners right into summer, with a bright flute melody, poppy drums, and carefree lyrics. It not only sings about but embodies love and fun. This is one track to keep around for June drives with the windows down and early festival mornings.

Check out remaining tour dates and tickets here and listen to the new song below.


Tour dates for The Ace of You