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Kayzo drops dark collab with Bad Omens, ‘Suffocate’

Kayzo tore a hole in the world of hardstyle last year with his debut album, Unleashed, collaborating with a variety of artists from both the dance music and thrashier metal scenes. His unique sound often features emotional and haunting vocals, intense guitar riffs, and shattering wubs to mix genres. Now the Welcome Records head honcho has enlisted Los Angeles metalcore band Bad Omens, whom originally hail from Virginia, to bring fans from both music genres together for their new genre-hopping crossover single, “Suffocate.”

The track breaks open right away, pulling listeners in with its post-hardcore vibe, dark lyrics that escalate into throaty scream-o, asphyxiating breaks, and an intense build into a deep, dark wub-filled drop. Both Kayzo and the band have a chance to shine, alternating between instrumentals and electronic elements that combine for a ready-to-rage experience. Like it’s title suggests, “Suffocate” is one heavy collaborative effort that smothers listeners in smoldering bass and full-throttle metalcore. If nothing else, listeners certainly wont be able to resist doing a bit of headbanging during the jolting jaunt.

Kayzo and Bad Omens are each on separate spring tours, and details can be found here and here.