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Big Gigantic fully delivers on long-anticipated sixth studio album, ‘Free Your Mind’

After four years since their last studio full-length, Brighter Future, Big Gigantic have been busy refashioning and re-honing their vision. As the long running duetted project of Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, the funktronica two-piece revealed last summer they were entering “a new phase” in search of “moments of connection, truth, vulnerability, creativity, and honesty.” Now, that new driving creative force has turned towards its full completion on their newest 13-track masterpiece, Free Your Mind.

“I might say this every album, but this really is my favorite we’ve done,” says drummer Jeremy. “Dom took his producing & writing game up 1,000 levels. Really love all the features we have and on top of all that the music is going to be sooooooo much fun to play live. Can’t wait to share it with the world!”

As their sixth studio album project, out now on Counter Records, Lalli and Salken take listeners on a journey through lush soundscapes, jammy crosshairs, and uplifting melodies, as they pull on elements of melodic bass and sunset house along the way. Fans will already recognize a handful of the LP’s singles — including the Kidepo-assisted “Burning Love,” “Friends” with Ashe, “You’re The One” with Nevve, and the Felly-assisted “St. Lucia” — all of which the dauntless. duo has been steadily realesing over the course of the past few months.

The album boasts a whopping twelve collaborations with the likes of Louis Futon and Pell, The Funk Hunters, TOBi, and more. From the expansive and soulful ditty, “Baad,” to the classic funk sounds and synthy bass-fueled breakdowns on “Higher,” to the chill, jazzy landscapes of “Supergiant,” the entire album is as fun, future-forward, and energizing as it is grounded and meticulous. Free Your Mind is Big G doing what Big G does best. That is, crafting beats that are crisp, clean, and synergistic.

Free Your Mind comes one month ahead of Big Gigantic’s album accompanying 3D tour, which takes Jeremy and Dom across the country from March 25 all the way through September. Grab tickets here.