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Mija Desert Trash LP

Mija shatters all boundaries on eclectic debut artist concept album, ‘Desert Trash’

Los Angeles producer Mija has been preparing for the release of her debut artist concept album for some time. The 13-tracker is an entirely new direction for the typically explosive bass music artist, with a much more indie, acoustic focus featuring her own lyrics and vocals. Over the past few weeks, Mija released the album’s title track, “Desert Trash,” and closing track, “Digressions.” Now the multi-faceted LP, dubbed Desert Trash, sees its wide release.

“I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and into something that would become a catalyst for my next development as an artist,” says Mija on the new artistic direction. “I wrote this album with the intention of stripping down all the excess and focusing on what truly matters to me; self-expression, realness, and the story. “Desert Trash” is who I am. It’s what I’ve identified with my whole life.”

Desert Trash is so unlike anything Mija has ever attempted on paper, yet so similar to her recent on-stage pursuits, that it marks a seminal career stepping stone as she brings these world together. Experimental, alternative, intuitive, and honest, Mija still plays within the realm of electronic music, yet moves somewhere into the avante garde space. She has also received collaborative assistance from other artists on the album, calling on JR Slayer, Ryan Forever, Thys, and Gammer to round out the album’s out-of-the-box song list.

Mija is currently taking the album on tour across the US and Canada, where she will play alongside a three-piece band. The shows are to also come along with an art gallery full of original Mija artwork which is available to attend prior to the live events. Find ticket information here.