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Four Tet unveils soaring music video for Ellie Goulding-assisted ‘Baby’

Alternative English musician Four Tet has recently dropped the music video for his song “Baby,” one of the first releases off his heavily-anticipated Sixteen Oceans album, coming soon. This track features EDM producers’ favorite vocalist Ellie Goulding, as her musical capabilities extend the magic of any track she touches. “Baby,” which debuted in January, will be accompanied on the project by last year’s “Teenage Birdsong” release.

“Baby” is a soothing house tune with staggered, cut vocals from Goulding. It’s an inspired, dreamlike piece that paints over silence with it’s melodies. The music video, directed by Joanna Nordahl, perfectly captures the soft beauty of this track by featuring gorgeous sweeping landscapes from all over the planet. From desert canyons to lush forests, endless oceans, and soul-opening birds eye views, this video will take you to heights that are hard to come down from. Check it out below and stay tuned for more of this producer’s unique and experimental work.

Featured photo: Rikard Österlund.