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Music recording artists Jphn Hamiton and BL'EVE Brown stands against the New York City skyline

John Hamilton and BL’EVE Brown reunite on late-night drive house cut, ‘Come On Home’

Sacramento born, New York City residing DJ/producer John Hamilton has been coming up in the club scene for a decade. Now Hamilton releases his newest single, “Come On Home,” which is dedicated to the place you grew up.

“[It] pays homage to the place that made you,” says Hamilton on the track’s significance, “Even when traveling the world, as beautiful as it may be, home is always calling.”

On the single, Hamilton returns with artist BL’EVE Brown and songwriter Olivia Reid, to follow up their previous collaboration, “Stay In Motion.” With their newest joint, “Come On Home,” Grammy-nominated vocalist Haley Greene joins the team for an airy, uptempo house track, the song can smoothly score a late-night drive while still being able to hold weight in a festival set.

“Come On Home” releases as Hamilton officially launches a music production educational non-profit, Department of Sound, in his hometown of Sacramento. BL’EVE Brown sits on the Board of Directors and has his own music education initiative called The Airborne Academy on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia.