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Electronic producer Girrafgage stands in a forest

Giraffage’s first single in two years takes listeners for a ‘Workout’ [WATCH]

Taiwanese-American producer Charlie Yin, better known by his stage name Giraffage, has been laying low. In fact, laying low is putting it lightly since the San Fransisco producer hasn’t released a single since 2017’s Too Real LP. Having kept relatively quiet for the last three years, Giraffage did turn heads back in October when he was announced as support to Madeon’s Good Faith Live tour.

Now the powerhouse producer has returned with a completely new sound in the form of a new single out now on Counter Records. The track, titled “Workout,” is a decisively different veer away from his trademark indietronica, future pop sound that brought him to festival stages all over the country. However, he has retained his electro-funk leanings on the new track, which blends nicely with the track’s acid-tinged squelches, retro synths, four-to-the-floor rhythms, and obvious lyrical references to the popular nineties audio game, Bop It!

Also watch the 80s nostalgia music video for “Workout,” featuring people exercising over pixelated cuts and gritty, cut-and-paste nature backgrounds.