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Stream Medasin’s riveting 14-track sophomore album, ‘RIPPLS’

As a definitive breakout act of 2018, Medasin has touted a sound that centers on bass-heavy and beat-centric electronic music. It’s a style that the Dallas-based producer sculpted even further on his 2018 debut full-length, Irene. What really resonated with listeners about the album was his reliance on lush landscapes that were detailed, controlled, and calm. The album was such a success that Medasin’s next release was being treated with scrutiny and angst. After all, these follow-ups always come with the danger of falling to the dreaded “sophomore slump” trap.

Now, less than two years after his debut LP, Medasin proves the naysayers wrong on his sophomore studio album, RIPPLS. The 14-track independent release certainly makes a case for Medasin’s growth as an artist.

“To me this album is an amalgamation of everything I’ve felt an dbeen inspired by in the past couple of years. Not only musically, but also through conversation, reflections, and several existential crises,” Medasin said humbly of the LP on his Facebook account. “Learning how to extract pure unfiltered energy from myself and encapsulate it into a song and project is a grueling yet beautiful process. Now to open up my heart and share my creation with the world, it’s truly one of the ost gratifying processes i’ve felt so far. Simply put, it’s just a blessing to be here and to be able to express via music, be heard, and understood.”

Whereas his past catalog had fledged more warm, mellow, and chill wave in terms of its sound design, RIPPLS spans the sonic spectrum much more exhaustively. Passionate, soothing, and ambient, on the one hand, and experimental, funky, and fun, on the other, the album’s weaves effortlessly between genres and moods.

Exploring more hip-hop/r&B-centric stylistics on “Go Crazy,” with Duckwrth, and the Cautious Clay-assisted track, “Get By,” Medasin shows fierceness and strength as he not only tries on new genres, but conquers new and soulful flavors. The standout on the album is “Everytime” with Naomi Wild — a chill, carefree indie-electronic track that utilizes subdued tones, vibrant horns, and dinky xylophone measures, all the while allowing Wild’s airy vocals to ride comfortably on top.

Medasin’s triumphant LP arrives as the artist prepares to hit the road on a series of nine dates from March to May, with stops Mexico, California, and Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. For tickets, dates, and locations, head to the tour tab of Medasin’s Facebook page.