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Mr. Bill on Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast

Mr. Bill debuts unreleased IDM track on Duncan Trussell Podcast

IDM pioneer and experimental bass act, Mr. Bill, is a “sonic alchemist” to self-proclaimed “newbie producer” Duncan Trussell. The Podcast personality’s main concern is hosting his weekly salon-style super show, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour, where the dual-PhD/PsyD-holding comedian and guests explore the outer reaches of the multiverse.

For his 376th episode, Trussell and Mr. Bill have a 133-minute discussion discussing technology, music production, the Bassnectar community, metaphysics, philosophy, creation, and more. To kick off the episode, Trussell is gleefully honored to be able to premiere a new, unreleased track from Mr. Bill, which falls into the deeply experimental realm where the Aussie beatmaker feels most comfortable.

Introducing the track, Trussell provides a hilariously odd description of the ID: “Mr. Bill creates music that reminds me of what it sounds like when I’m trying to fall asleep when I’ve taken too much LSD. I don’t know if you’ve experienced that before. If you haven’t, just imagine the sound of a million Elvin ping-pong balls being launched into a black hole by a tee-shirt gun made of the crucifix that Christ was crucified on.”

Mr. Bill also hosts his own show, The Mr. Bill Podcast, which he uses to platform his and others’ music, his thoughts on industry trends, and his assertions as an IDM tastemaker. Recently, he hosted an episode with Mersiv where they discuss Bassnectar’s cult following, which funnily enough is also discussed in the following podcast.

Click here to listen to the Duncan Trussell Family Hour with Mr. Bill.