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Watch GRiZ’s full Okeechobee 2020 live set

After taking a fallow year in 2019, Okeechobee‘s return will already go down as triumphant. Not just because Sounslinger/Insomniac raised the bar on every level, but because it was one of the last festivals before the live music industry began shutting down over the coronavirus pandemic. In hindsight, attendees are holding the weekend close to hearts to reflect back on brighter, happier times.

As it turns out, the good news from Sunshine Grove keeps pouring in the midst of so much darkness across America and the globe. In lieu the many live streams encouraging people to stay home, GRiZ has been given the green light to release his full set from that coveted weekend in early March. It’s rare for the Colorado-based producer to release full set, so this one is a real treat for GRiZ fans everywhere. It’s also one of the first sunset sets fans have seen from Grant the Man in a long, long time.

The 75-minute experience is a classic GRiZ throwdown with a fusion of heavy bass and heavy sax, a few live guest appearances, and a setlist including old school classics like “Smach The Funk,” newer hits like “Griztronics,” and a very special live remix of Bassnectar’s “Beasshead.” Watch below.