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Let MGMT take you on a psychedelic journey into ambient downtempo, ‘As You Move Through The World’

Following up on their release of “In The Afternoon” with a retro music video, American pop-rock band. MGMT have unveiled a new single, titled “As You Move Through The World.” The track marks the second release on their newly-formed independent imprint, MGMT Records.

“We’re still bummed that we won’t be seeing any of you on tour for the time being,” said the psychedelic rock band over their socials. “Everyone knows we all need a 7 and a half minute downtempo ambient instrumental track to listen to while we’re NOT moving through the world.”

Clocking in at a whopping seven-and-a-half-minutes, “As You Move Through The World” is a psychedelic journey into ambient downtempo. The instrumental journey is filled with mesmerizing chords, hypnotic breakbeats, and harrowing synths, all working together to form a chilling, yet meditative ride deep into the mind.

MGMT’s “As You Move Through The World” is available for purchase on MGMT’s Bandcamp, where there is a 12″ vinyl featuring both tracks. A limited-edition t-shirt will also be released in the future.

Photo credit: Erika Goldring / Getty Images.