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Bassnectar’s first Lockdown mixtape has a release date… and his next album has a title

Bassnectar (aka Lorin Ashton) has become known for coming out of left-field with announcements concerning what’s going on in his universe. Granted, diehards knew the next announcement would be about his forthcoming series of The Lockdown Mixtapes, considering he first tweeted about them a month ago. Then, Ashton gave a detailed fan Q&A over Facebook shortly thereafter with only about five minutes notice before going live and direct. Now Bassnectar has revealed that fans can expect the first mixtape delivery to drop off on May 1 and it’s called “Inside For The People.”

In what is arguably the more exciting news of the announcement, though, the Bay Area savant also revealed the name of his next album, All Colors, which he said previously was going to be surprise release in time for DejaVoom. That is, before the Mexico destination event was cancelled due to horrendous COVID-19 pandemic response.

During his Facebook AMA-style session, Bassnectar divulged that there were going to be at least three but possibly four if he reworks them to each be shorter in length. He also revealed that the first mixtape would be “focused more on the heavy hitters,” including some wobblers and D&B, while the second one would be going “deep into the downtempo” because he’s “feeling that vibe right now.”


Photo: Rukes.