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Trivecta releases debut artist EP on Ophelia, ‘Everyday’

After releasing several singles from his debut EP over the past month, including the melodic beauty “Leave It All Behind,” Trivecta now releases his Everday EP in full. The EP, out now on Ophelia Records, is the next evolution of the melodic bass artist’s sound, incorporating folk, guitar, and acoustic instrumentation alongside progressive and electro house elements.

“I’ve been of the mindset for a while that melodic bass could use an injection of some fresh energy; it’s always just been about finding the right angle and being able to execute it. I’ve gotten really into indie folk music over the last couple years and so putting this together happened very naturally. I’m really excited for this fresh take and all the doors it’ll open up creatively.”

“Leave It All Behind,” the leading single featuring Fagin, brings to mind both Of Monsters and Men and Avicii while creating a completely new sonic palette for listeners that is both familiar and new. The title track, “Everyday,” is a unique blend of future bass with an indie sensibility. Pairing up with musicians Rico & Miella, the song poetically conveys what many of us have seen or experienced in unfeeling relationships. Trivecta effortlessly bridges the gap between hard-hitting bass music and melodic songwriting, a skill he is able to capture both in this EP as well as in his shows where he regularly performs with his guitar.

Lover of all things relating to hot sauce, cooking steak, and Star Wars, Trivecta is forging a new path in dance music, with the strong cosign of one of his early influences, Seven Lions. After remixing one of Seven Lions’ tracks, Trivecta was warmly welcomed into the Ophelia Records family, and is even currently working on a collaboration with the label head himself.