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An-ten-nae takes listeners on a sonic trip with 9-track ‘Acid Voodoo’ LP

An-ten-nae is an entity possessing the human mind of one Adam Ohana and he’s proven that he’s a constant production machine. When he’s not busy creating new avenues for bass music under his various monikers and collaborations, including DnA, Dimond Saints, Invisible People, Lowriderz, and Black Crow, he’s working on pushing the boundaries of world music under his main moniker. Recently, Ohana has been working toward the release of his Acid Voodoo project where he’s already released the first two tracks from the album, “Twilight” and “Do You Believe In Magic?”

Now the San Francisco-based producer has released his newest project, Acid Voodoo, which stands as the culmination of his Medicine and Acid Crunk sounds into deeper variations of bass music. The 9-track composition draws on raw analog synthesis, haunting vocals, ethereal melodies, and elements of organic instrumentation. The result is some of the most heartfelt and beautiful music that will move listeners to their core.

Also, be sure to check out CE‘s exclusive interview with An-ten-nae out at Envision Festival where the conscious producer talks in-depth about the album.