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Digital Ethos comes to Bassrush with paralyzing heavy hitter, ‘E352’

The Digital Ethos Project is the brainchild of South Jersey-based electronic music producer, Charlie Quigley. The idea behind Quigley’s line of bass music derives from the collection of ideas and inspiration gathered from all genres of music, creating a new take on what we consider weird, experimental, and heavy. But fans of Digital Ethos already know that to their core.

Making his label debut on Bassrush Records, Digital Ethos cracks the code with his latest single “E352,” a synapse-twisting cut that he’s been patiently sitting on until the right time. The track, as overtly digitalized as it may sound, is a purebred heavy-hitter that taps into all the right lower frequencies. Equipped with crawling synths, paralyzing drops, gritty basslines, and low tempo beats that slow down the heart rate, “E352” is a heavy bass pleaser that goes hard in the paint but feels soft to the touch.

“‘E352’ was created from a destructive synth recording I made a while back,”
says Digital Ethos. “I remember being immediately inspired. It’s nice to be able to
say that I still feel the same way I felt when I was writing it. I am happy it finally
gets to see the light of day!”

Emerging in the bass music scene over the past few years, he has already gotten support from the likes of Bassnectar, Liquid Stranger, REZZ, and Space Jesus, to name a few. His most notable accomplishment, a bass ripping dubstep collaboration with the legendary Bassnectar. Featured on the popular Reflective EP Series, the track titled “Slather” has been skyrocketing the charts and has become a fan-favorite among the basshead community.

Photo credit: Panda Media.