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San Holo rounds out ‘stay vibrant’ EP with ‘we’re all just on our way home’ ft. Luwten

Over the past six weeks, San Holo has been releasing a new song every Monday as apart of his latest EP rollout for stay vibrant. Thus fat, the bitbird boss has released “(if only i could) hold you,” “don’t forget to breathe today,” “in the end I just want you to be happy,” and “i don’t know anything (demo).” Technically, the collection of tracks isn’t an EP per see, but more so a series of one-off singles that otherwise deserve to be heard.

“The reason for the stay vibrant archives is just to have a place where i can post music that i make that doesn’t necessarily belong to an EP or Album or Project,” says San Holo on his Soundcloud. “this doesn’t belong to an album or campaign, it’s just a peek inside my musical mind.”


Now San Holo has released the last single to round out the project in “we’re all just on our way home.” The record is rife with an addictive breakbeat, spaced-out guitar chords, and captivating synthesized vocals from Dutch songstress, Luwten. The maxim for Luwten, Tessa Douwstra’s creative conduit, is a simple one: space is the place. Well, maybe not outer space specifically, but a space unburdened by the strain of one’s surroundings. A place where only one thing truly matters: the desire to create something that didn’t exist yesterday. It’s an ideal that perfectly comports with San Holo’s approach to art.

“As a musician I make a lot of music and obviously there will be tracks that i make that will fade away or drown at some point, which is a shame, because I believe one of my strongest assets is the fact that I can actually make music in all kinds of genres,” continues San Holo. “i know i’d regret not using this platform I have rn to share my creations with the world and using the stay vibrant archive we make it very clear.”


Taken with the five others on the project, the track amounts to the quintessential indie-pop-electronic sonic stamp that San Holo has made his very own. It’s music that is soulful and straight from the heart. Be sure to check out San Holo this weekend, May 9, on Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky online music festial.