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San Holo releases third tune in string of experimental singles, ‘in the end i just want you to be happy’

When San Holo isn’t busy bringing his fans together on Twitch every week, he’s also releasing a new song. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, the songs have been taking his signature sound to new and different heights. As part of his new, ever-expanding music collection, stay vibrant, the Dutch indie-electronic producer has released “(if only i could) hold you” and “don’t forget to breathe today.”

Now comes “in the end i just want you to be happy,” which utilizes San Holo’s championing electric guitar riffs, his electric indie-pop personae, and his talent for crafting light-hearted melodies. The music he’s added to the collection so far included creations that don’t necessarily belong to an EP or album but still deserve to be out there. Each song has differed a lot from the other, showcasing the bitbird boss’ capability to create many different styles of music while still keeping the San Holo feeling to it.