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Spotify reveals new ‘Listening Together’ feature to allow streaming music with friends

Spotify has just unleashed the plan for its latest feature which allows listeners to stream music simultaneously with friends. The feature will be called “Listening Together” and will allow users to remain closely connected during these unprecedented times when they can’t be together.

In an official statement, Spotify said, “Every moment, more than 30,000 people around the world press play on the same song on Spotify. Suffice it to say, listening connects us, even when we aren’t expecting it. Now, through our new global campaign, ‘Listening Together,’ we’re celebrating audio’s unique power to unite us– even when we’re apart.”

This fascinating feature will show musical trends around the world, while giving users a chance to participate in curated playlists from many celebrities, including Kygo, Migos, and more. When a user streams a song a digital globe will begin to spin to show where other listeners are listening to the same song at the same time.