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Relive Supertask’s latest ‘Choose your own adventure’ live stream, ‘The story continues’ [WATCH]

This year’s Bicycle Day, April 19, Supertask‘s monumental, four-hour Bike Day live stream effectively changed the live streaming game. The stream’s “Choose your own adventure” format was revolutionary for how the artist used his Venmo account to guide the direction of his set. So, if listeners wanted one direction, they would donate. For those lucky enough to witness Supertask’s follow-up stream, dubbed “The story continues,” the adventure follows a similar format.

Those lucky enough to catch this three hour set live and direct are already familiar with the incredible merger of a video and auditory experience that Supertask carefully orchestrates throughout his live stream. Thankfully, Supertask has uploaded the entire set to his YouTube channel, which also lists his past streams as well as some additional video/audio nuggets.

Suffice it to say, Supertask’s channel isn’t tagged or listed on his SoundCloud socials, despite the channel being open to the public and fully accessible. One way or another, Supertask’s YouTube channel only has 264 subscribers at the time of writing, so it’s only a matter of time until it gains traction.

Artwork: @beebopsam.

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