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Bandcamp raised $7.1 Million for artist relief

Out of the many industries hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the music and live entertainment world is close to the top for hardest hit. Musicians are out of work indefinitely, and often profits from merchandise and live streams don’t make up for the net loss of performances. Fortunately, there are charitable companies aware of this sudden need and, as such, are giving back. A California based company, Bandcamp, a record and merch sales website for musicians, has responded by forfeiting their revenue shares on select dates and letting the artists who use the site collect it all personally.

Bandcamp first waived revenue on March 20, which saw an explosion of sales totaling in $4.3 million — their biggest sales day ever. This was quickly topped on May 1, adding up to over $7 million total in sales and another record-breaking day for the company with upwards of 800,000 items sold. Through albums, vinyls, shirts, and more, business has exploded, and fans are using the opportunity to support their favorite artists in one of the few ways left.

If you missed the two previous dates, don’t worry– they’re planning on two more support days, on June 5 and July 3. Starting at midnight PST and lasting a full 24 hours, all sales will directly benefit musicians, making this the perfect time to stock up on music goods. It could be a while before life returns to normal, and performers need all the help they can get.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut. Featured photo: The Seattle Times.