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Nurko releases highly-anticipated remix of Illenium’s ‘Take You Down’

Rising producer Nurko is back with his highly requested new remix of Illenium‘s 2018 hit record, “Take You Down.” Having been one of the first artists to perform as part of the Digital Mirage Festival, which raised over $300,000 for charity and saw over one million attendees across the three-day marathon event, Nurko has been keeping busy as of late, with three remixes and an original track already under his belt in 2020. Out now via Astralwerks Records, the remix is

“I’m super excited that Nick let me put my own twist on a song that’s so special to him,” says Nurko on the remix opportunity. “Knowing this, I wanted to make sure I worked hard to preserve the emotional journey the song takes you on. It was so fun to remix ‘Take You Down.’ This was one of my favorite tunes from the Ascend album so it was such an honor when I was given the opportunity! I know a ton of our fans have been asking for a collaboration with Nick. I hope that this will appease them for now!”

Hot off the release of his remix for Gryffin‘s “Need Your Love,” Nurko returns with another re-work. This time he’s tackled Illenium’s emotional ballad from his Ascend album, released in 2018. Previewed at the end of his live-streamed Digital Mirage set this past April, the highly-anticipated production marks the experienced artist’s fifth release of the new decade.

Nurko’s signature flair adds a grittiness and hard edge to the approximately four-minute release, in turn producing a unique sound that resembles much of the heart-fluttering work in Nurko’s future bass catalog. A profoundly resonant track in its entirety, Nurko’s remix quickly builds upon itself, crafting a palpable tension that ends up dropping with full-force, all while pulling at the emotions of the listener.