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Mija plays on pioneer decks close up blue hair

TUNE IN NOW: Brownies & Lemonade teams with Monstercat on Home Frequency [LIVE STREAM]

Brownies & Lemonade has been part and parcel to some of the best quarantine streams to date, including Room Service, Digital Mirage, Secret Sky, and more. Now the LA-based collective and production company has teamed up with Monstercat to deliver a one-night-only virtual event, dubbed Home Frequency.

The event features Mija who’ll be delivering a “mostly dnb set.” She’s joined by bass heavyweight Peekaboo, Ophelia favorite Trivecta, who recently released his debut EP, Tynan, Slumberjack, and more.

The event is set to take place this Thursday, May 14, beginning at 2:00pm PDT. Check out the full lineup with set times and find additional info here. Watch the stream on Monstercat’s Twitch channel all evening.