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EPROM unleashes ‘Secret Technique’ on Deadbeats

Despite having a number of tour and festival appearances canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, EPROM has managed to stay innocuously busy during quarantine. The West Coast bass music artist debuted his new audio/visual (A/V) experience at the beginning of the year, conducted a game-changing SHADES set via the Digital Mirage live stream, released an EP called Deep Sky Objects, and more. Now EPROM is returning to Deadbeats to deliver his newest track, titled “Secret Technique.”

The three-minute cut is everything fans have to know and love about EPROM. The track is marked by narling synths, uncanny breakbeat tempos, deep, growling bass lines, shrieking highs, and ooey, gooey sub-bass. The track follows EPROM’s last release on Deabeats, Aikon, which was an instant success right tout of the gate. One can only know what he’s got in the pipelines for summer. But the only thing for certain is that it’s going to dip deep into darkness and be playfully experimental.