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Wreckno & Super Future recruit Ujuu, UHNK, and more for ‘Hypernatural’ remix EP

When rising bass buddies Wreckno and Super Future released their Hypernatural EP in February, the two were in the middle of embarking on a supporting tour that would take them into summer. After a colossal performance at Okeechobee in March, the two were on the quick rise to the spotlight. Then COVID-19 happened and forced them to Stay At Home, like the rest of the world. While the two turned to the live streams like the best of the rest, still one wonders what could have become of the high-energy tour.

To keep the momentum going, the duetted underground bass producers have commissioned an official remix EP only three months later. Featuring a list of their close friends Ujuu, UHNK, NotLö, and Vermyllion, the five-track project offers fresh new perspectives on the pair’s wildly-provocative sound. As a standout on the EP is Vermyllion’s revisitation of the title track, which features wild synths, seismic drops, and paralyzing production.

From Ujuu’s ominous, arresting flip of “SIGNAL” and UHNK’s equally impressive standout remix of the same track, to NotLö’s eerie rendering of “RUMPAPUM!” and Psyoctave’s high-tempo take on their hit track, “BOUT ME,” the entire EP gets down, gritty, and dangerously fun. Listen for yourself.