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KOAN Sound returns to their own indie imprint on vibrant ‘Silk Wave’ EP

Since KOAN Sound‘s daring instrumental album, 2018’s Polychrome, the British duo has put forth great attention into everything they do. From the album’s live performances to their follow-up Intervals Above EP last year, KOAN Sound never rushes the artistic process when it comes to their signature IDM aesthetic. Now KOAN Sound is stepping out to release their first project of 2020 with the four-track EP, Silk Wave.

The Bristol-based production pair have been blending drum n bass, glitch-hop, dubstep, and neuro-funk into one truly original sonic stamp since their very beginning. Silk Wave follows in this steady tradition. Complete with two instrumental cuts, including the vibrant title track, “Grounded” featuring Javeon, and “Taken Under” with Anna Lisa, the EP also ventures in uncharted territory by utilizing vocalists for the first time in KOAN Sound’s career. The result is an absolutely gratifying collection of authentic, heart-felt tunes that speak to the soul and the ears.

Silk Wave is available now on KOAN Sound’s label, Shoshin Records.