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Louis The Child and Whethan turn Rich The Kid and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Freezer’ into a futuristic thriller

For anyone who witnessed Louis The Child‘s meteoric rise to the mainstage headliner spot over the past few years, odds are high that they’ve heard the Chicago-based duo flip multiple tracks on their head. In the last two years alone, they’ve taken on Deathcab For Cutie, Skrillex and Boyz Noise’s “Midnight Hour,” amongst a plethora on in-the-works edits and re-works. Amongst their many bold on-stage moves, flipping tracks on their head have undoubtedly become one of their unique trademarks.

In yet another power move, Louis The Child has recently joined back up with good friend Whethan, who together played a secret back-to-back set for Brownies & Lemonade years ago, to take on hip-hop’s biggest acts in a big way. The track the three young swiftly rising stars have daringly toppled on its head? Rich The Kid and Kendrick Lamar’s “New Freezer.” Not only do they keep in tune with the song’s original vocals, the turn the track into an exciting futuristic thriller that demands to be heard on mainstages festivals over.

Louis The Child have also released the full tracklist for their highly-anticipated debut album, Here For Now, featuring collaborations with Foster The PeopleDrew Love of THEY. The LP will see wide release on June 12