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Random Rab poses in front of red garage door

Random Rab releases fifth single from forthcoming ‘The Space Between’ album, ‘Guiding The Light’

Another full moon has come and gone, which means it’s time for another single from Random Rab‘s forthcoming album, The Space Between. While there is no release date set for the full album, Random Rab has already released five singles off the album either on the new moon or full moon. He will continue doing so until “it feels right to release the entire album.” On his newest deliverance, “Guiding The Light,” the west coast bass music producer says the song casts him in his highest form.

“This one is one of my personal favorites,” says Random Rab on his SoundCloud. “I imagine myself in my highest power. My highest form. Not creating, but guiding the light of hope into the void of darkness that surrounds us all in creation and our return to dust. I don’t really know what more to say about this one apart from the lyrics themselves.”

Characterized by acoustic strings, dime-store percussion, indigenous flute work, and those signature Random Rab vocals, the track feels organic and mellow. Even in the midst of so much beautiful lo-fi sonics, it’s the lyrics that really guide the song poetically toward hope, finding light in the darkness, and returning to dust in the end. Very spiritual indeed. To propel this theme, Android Jones crafts the album’s artwork, which casts a stag at night as he looks up toward the full moon at night.