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Gorillaz continue ‘Song Machine’ rollout with ‘Friday 13th’ ft. British rapper Octavian [WATCH]

Despite the music industry all but shutting down over COVID-19 concerns, Gorillaz just can’t help but stay on top of the news cycle lately. In addition to providing fans with an invaluable resource guide to listen and learn about Black Lives Matter, the iconic animated band have returned with the fourth selection from their Song Machine series. The collaboration, titled “Friday 13th,” enlists the subdued verse work of London-based rapper Octavian.

The song’s music video accompaniment takes listeners on a ride down a psychedelic highway, with the distorted faces and slick vocals of Octavian at the driver’s wheel. Along with the release, the band has also been putting out short sound clips called “Machine Bitez,” which feature snippets of the band members talking behind-the-scenes. Episode eight of “Machine Bitez” accompanies the release of “Friday 13th” and offers a lighthearted look at the band discussing the connotation of the number 13, as well as the origins of Octavian’s name.

The UK virtual band have been rolling out their next project since late-January with “Momentary Bliss,” a collaboration with political hip-hip artist showthai and Sacramento-based post-hardcore band, Slaves. The track was followed up with a powerful joint titled “Desolé,” which is French for “Sorry,” before an adventurous dance-rock single, “Aires,” was released alongside Peter Hook and Georgia.