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Mersiv and Dapolitiks see ‘Eye To Eye’ on latest MorFlo collaboration

Shreveport’s Nick Manco and Hayden Price may not be two names that grace many dance music fans’ watch lists, but their Dapolitikis project has certainly been turning heads in the underground Rocky Mountain bass scene. The Denver-based duo have most recently teamed up with label mate and fellow Mile High resident Mersiv on their newest collaboration, “Eye To Eye,” out now on MorFlo Records.

The track follows a previous collaboration between the three, titled “The Gas,” which was released more than two years ago. While Mersiv has been on the steep upward climb during that time, the reunited joint effort goes to show how the artists have been collectively teeming to come back together on a follow-up. At the very least, and at the risk of sounding punny, it at least means the three see “eye to eye.”

Mersiv’s signature wubby basslines fill the sonic space as Dapolitiks inject their saucey synths and charming vocal samples. The track itself remains incredibly grounded, no doubt by its low tempo breakbeats and heavy low ends, while at the same time signaling a sort of proverbial blast off into space. Littered with spacey synths, otherworldly sounds, extra-terrestrial electronics, and a touch of experimentalism, “Eye To Eye” feels like its venturing into other planets with no signal of coming back to earth.