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Conscious Electronic

Manifest Gang mates Mystic Grizzly and Sunken Frequencies head into the heavy low-end abyss on ‘Exodia’

Manifest Gang strikes again! Under the helm of his stage name Mystic Grizzly, Jordan Hoffman’s collective has always laid it on thick with their low-frequencies and consciousness-inducing sounds. The collective has just released their Manifest Gang Mixtape Vol.  2: Maintenance Required, complete with one full hour of all-unreleased original music. Now, a few months off their widely talked-about renegade takeover at Okeechobee, Mystic Grizzly and fellow label mate and friend Sunken Frequencies have mustered up a collaboration that is left of left-field, even for the Gang.

Arriving as their first official collaboration, “Exotica” is decidedly darker, more ominous, and lower tempo than fans have seen of the producer pair. Not to mention, the track is incredibly chill throughout its downward journey into sub-bass descendence. The song’s spiritual connotation contrasts starkly against its deep, diabolical domain as its floats effortlessly into oblivion.

Album artwork: Fero.

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