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COVID-19 safety measures ignored at rave thrown outside of Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Bob Wick Photography

Nothing sounds more underground than an illegal desert rave. With the pandemic reaching new heights all around the nation, most venues are currently closed. Moreover, the National Independent Venue Association claims that up to 90% of independent music venues could be forced to permanently shut down. With the staggering effects of COVID-19, artists and show organizers are starting to get incredibly creative. One of the most recent ideas was a multi-stage ticketed event, dubbed The Final Fuse, which took place during the Fourth of July weekend. The unauthorized festival was advertised by the mysterious promoter known as “Malum Geminos”. 

KSNV News 3, a local television station, made the secret event known to the public with a recent broadcast. The news station’s footage of “The Final Fuse” shows that hundreds of individuals flocked to the deserts of Nevada to rave. Unsurprisingly, the tightly packed crowds of festival-goers had no real interest in the health concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the reporter’s coverage, the illicit event did not even enforce any social distancing or the use of masks. 

Nevada’s COVID-19 outbreak has been steadily rising with the rest of the pandemic among the nation. Many bars and restaurants among the state have been ordered to close due to health official’s warnings of a potential surge in cases of the virus. Governor Steve Sisolak’s orders for all of Nevada mandate proper social distancing practices and public use of masks. 

The Final Fuse is among many unwarranted gatherings occurring throughout the entire nation. The general public has turned to underground raves due to the lack of venues for electronic music events. These illegal parties may sound awesome, but the reality of the situation is that several health risks arise when people gather without exercising the proper practices to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Festivals and shows will eventually return in due time. Until then, the safety of the public will always outweigh its right to party. 

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