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Carl Cox brings more star power to deadmau5 and The Neptunes’ ‘Pomegranate’

When this many legendary superstars come together on one track, everyone knows things are going to fire off into the stratosphere. Back in May, deadmau5 and The Neptunes released their surprise collaboration via the silky smooth funk of “Pomegranate.” The already A-list record, whose music video was debuted in the middle of Times Square, was a massive success even before it was right out the gate. So deadmau5 knew he had to go-big-or-go-home when compiling remixes to larger-than-life track.

For the third and final remix for the single, deadmau5 rose to the challenge and recruited knighted techno legend, Carl Cox, to bring an energized, higher tempo dancefloor appeal to “Pomegranate.” Dailing the track up to 128 bpm for that techno feel, and working with Pharrell’s intricate, funky vocals was no easy feat for Cox either. Still, he manages to work his magic turning the track’s Daft Punk-inspired electro accents into a radio-ready tune that stands up all on its own.

“What can I say about Carl?” deadmau5 says about the remix. “He’s the master when it comes to commandeering a dance floor. It’s an honor to have a remix from him for this track.”

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