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Desert Dwellers introduces downtempo house soundscapes to monumental ‘Breath’ LP

As the duetted act of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, Desert Dwellers has been a pioneer of the world and tribal bass movement for over a decade. After releasing their seminal Breath LP in May of 2019, which was the final installment of the four-part series resembling the world’s natural elements, Conscious Electronic got the chance to sit down with the pair to talk on a number of issues important to them. Since that time, Desert Dwellers has begun rolling out a series of stunning follow-ups to the project, beginning with Breath ReImagined Vol. 1.

Now the legendary tribal bass duo releases a differently-focused sequel, Breath ReImagined Vol. 2, out now on Sofa Beats. The second installment features over 11 musical adepts from the realms of downtempo house and electronica for a scintillating new look into their global music tale. With featured artists from Luca Bacchetti, An-Ten-Nae‘s side project The Invisible People, Bósa, Coss & lore, Unders, and more, Breath Re-Imagined Vol. 2 stands as an invigorating collection of artists across the world genre.

Spiced with the ambrosial flavors of world beat and folkloric house, the album as a whole brings a dreamy and evocative edge to Breath’s ethereal landscapes, blending in heavier percussion and deep, technical grooves to craft a dance floor elixir that guides us further into the essence of Desert Dwellers’ shapeshifting musical visions. 

Breath closed out the duo’s decades-long four-part LP series last year, with the first two elements landing back in 2006 with Flames and Waves, and the earthly element following with 2009’s Roots.

Desert Dwellers – Breath ReImagined, Vol 2

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