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Renowned house duo Golf Clap are breaking up

They say nothing’s as powerful as an idea whose time has come, and Golf Clap is reaching its moment. After six years of tireless hustle, Bryan Jones and Hugh Cleal have conjured palpable energy. It’s one that fans can feel at every gig, be it a hot-and-heavy club set or an energetic takeover of a festival stage. With roots in the Detroit and Chicago house scenes, the duo feeds off each other and the crowd, spinning the hottest songs of the moment while breaking new records. It’s not any press play, hands in the air fair. Theirs is a sound that is pure, unadulterated house.

Recently, Hugh Cleal took to Golf Clap’s socials to announce that the duo would be parting ways and continuing their journeys as solo artists. Jones will be moving on to a new alias that will be announced soon, Golf Clap will now become Cleal’s project and he’ll also be taking their Country Club Disco sound into new creative directions.

“Creativity is what brought us together, and it is that same creativity that will keep us going long after this fork in the road,” Cleal said. “We cherished the time we had together and are grateful for the learning opportunities that it provided, but now it’s time to walk different paths and grow in distinct directions.

Golf Clap has been insatiable for years now, having performed 13 official and surprise sets at this Electric Forest 2018 alone. This constant dance floor momentum has made Golf Clap regulars at Movement, Miami Music Week, and Holy Ship, and landed the duo a spot at the inaugural Friendship music cruise. While it doesn’t spell the end of the project altogether, the split does mark a monumental moment for them both personally and professionally.

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