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Zeds Dead reveal deluxe tracklist for ‘We Are Deadbeats Volume 4’

Featured photo: Rukes

Following the successful release of We Are Deadbeats Vol. 4 in January, the boys of iconic dubstep duo Zeds Dead are back with a fresh take on the project. The album made waves throughout the dance community, featuring fresh collaborations with newer Deadbeats label talents like Subtronics, as well as more established artists such as Ganja White Night and Dion Timmer.

While the album is dominated by remixes of previously released tracks, there are a few new treats for Deadbeats fans to check out. These include “Ruff” with Yookie, “Taken” with Yultron, the already-loved Rezz collaboration, “Into the Abyss,” and “Reason” with Floret Loret. Sadly, there are no new solo Zeds Dead originals, but these songs are sure to pack a heavy dub punch to satisfy listeners anyway.

As far as remixes, there’s an impressive variety of sounds and styles on display. Fan favorite “Bumpy Teeth” with Subtronics has been remixed by Blanke, “After the Water” with Champagne Drip has been altered by up-and-comer Sippy, and “Stars Tonight” with Droeloe is getting a dub overhaul with G-Rex. Listeners can also expect mixes by um.., Chee, and Holly among others.

The deluxe album is scheduled to drop this Friday, July 24 under the Deadbeats label. Check out the full tracklist below.

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