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Manic Focus and Mersiv are a perfect pair on two-track ‘Solar Vision’ EP

If there’s one thing that gets dance music enthusiasts’ wheels spinning, it’s when heavy bass and future funk make their way into the same project. With Mersiv hot off the release of a massive Jantsen collaboration on Wakaan, and Manic Focus still riding the success of his sixth studio album, Lost In A Digital World, the two have now come together on a joint EP, Solar Vision.

Landing as an A / B side release, the funky bass vet and meteoric rising star have masterfully combined their unique talents into two poignant songs that are uniquely destructive and beautifully chaotic. From the portal of warped bass that is “Any Realer” to the title track “Solar Vision,” with its hip-hop verses, funky drops, and gritty basslines, the only downside to the EP is that it isn’t longer. At times ethereal and delicate, at others wonky and heavy, Solar Vision is not just another notch in the old belt loop for the production pair. The EP is one that will surely go down as a classic and highly requested dancefloor heater for both artists.

A collaborative EP between the two Denver-residing artists makes complete sense given how they were scheduled to go on a joint-headlining tour by the same name this past spring, which was inevitably canceled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a listen to Solar Vision below.

Manic Focus x Mersiv – Solar Vision EP

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