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Glass Animals unveil third full-length studio album, ‘Dreamland’

Featured photo: Pooneh Ghana.

Less than two months ago, Glass Animals were still set to debut Dreamland at Bonnaroo 2020. Of course, COVID-19 would have different plans for the UK psych-pop band, along with the entire music industry. As the pandemic brought the live music world to a screeching halt, Glass Animals was in the thick of ramping up the hype on their third studio full-length. With already-released singles “Tokyo Drifting,” “Your Love (Déjá Vu),” “Heat Waves,” and more, Glass Animals pushed on towards release amidst much personal strife.

Now the Oxford four-piece band, composed of frontman Dave Bayley, drummer Joe Seaward, guitarist/keyboardist Drew MacFarlane and bassist Edmund Irwin-Singer, have unveiled the full 17-track LP to much fanfare. The UK alternative band embraces hip-hop production and personal biography on the record.

Dreamland is an autobiographical record, through and through, containing Bayley’s most personal stories yet, from songs about friendship (e.g. “Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth”) to longing (e.g. “Tangerine”) and heartache (e.g. “It’s All So Incredibly Loud”). Listen to the full 17-track LP below.

Glass Animals – Dreamland