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Glass Animals inch closer to third studio LP release with ‘Heat Waves’ [WATCH]

The latest Glass Animals release, “Heat Waves,” sets the tone for this quarantine summer. It’s another track off the four-piece band’s highly anticipated third studio album, Dreamland, which is now set to release August 7. They respectfully pushed back the album’s release date in support of the voices within the Black Lives Matter Movement.

To this point, “Heat Waves” clocks in as the fourth song that Glass Animals have released off the upcoming 16-track album, which is shaping up to be one of their most diverse albums yet with already-released singles like “Tokyo Drifting” and “Your Love (Déjá Vu).” The track itself is incredibly beautiful and nostalgic. It highlights many bittersweet emotions, capturing the true essence of this season of life.

“The song is about loss and longing, and ultimately realizing you are unable to save something,” Dave Bayley, the face of Glass Animals, shares. “It’s about realizing you can’t make everyone happy and realizing it’s ok to be defeated by something. We are often expected to ‘be strong’ and to swallow our sadness. Failing to do that is seen as a weakness. So we try to cover up our feelings and hide inside of TV shows for video games or drinks or drugs. But being vulnerable should be a positive thing.”

The music video, directed by Colin Read, takes place in the empty streets of London during the peak of quarantine. Neighbors watch, many of them recording, as Bayley walks around. The video is supposed to symbolize the love for live music as well as the community and sense of unity that it provides.

Since venues are shut down, many for good, the song supports those feelings of loss and longing. Additionally, it supports the realization that not everything can be saved, no matter how hard you try. Although this truth is symbolic of many things, the intentions with this video were focused on art, being together, and human connection.

Featured photo: Shayne Hanley