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Washed Out releases dreamy new album, ‘Purple Noon’

One of indie music’s favorite chill icons, Washed Out (real name Ernest Greene), has recently dropped his newest project, Purple Noon, after an extended break since his third album Mister Mellow premiered in 2017. He’s been on a steady upward rise over the last decade, enjoying success both in and out of the alternative scene. Listeners may know him from festivals such as Pitchfork, national tours, and for creating the memorable track, “Feel It All Around,” which is now the theme song for the show Portlandia. 

Fans of lo-fi and chillwave will be drawn to the sounds on this record. The whole album feels like a dream state with ethereal and mellow vibes that permeate every song. As 2020 is proving to be a year of stripped songs and 80s nostalgia, the melancholic vaporwave mood of Purple Noon shows out to be a perfect fit. At 42 minutes, it’s excellent as the soundtrack to late-night drives or the background of a relaxed yoga session.

While it may be a while before fans can expect another album from Washed Out, Purple Noon is strong enough a project to stop those cravings for a while. Listen below or on all streaming services.

Washed Out – Purple Noon LP

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