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Madeon follows up sophomore album with new single, ‘The Prince’

Madeon is still riding the tsunami wave of success from his sophomore album, late 2019’s Good Faith. Madeon’s masterful dance-pop aesthetic earned the LP a No. 1 spot on Billboard‘s Top Dance/Electronic Albums as well as many a slot into the Top Albums of 2019 shortlists. After the turn of the decade, the French producer revisited the full-length with a hip-hop reboot of “No Fear No More” with EARTHGANG. Now Madeon returns with a single that he says was originally on the album, but had to be removed because it was “thematically too dark.”

‘The Prince’ is the first song I completed for my album Good Faith but it didn’t make the final tracklist, I thought it was thematically too dark,” Madeon shared.

Beginning dim and mysterious, Madeon’s signature synthesized vocals mark “The Prince,” while harpooning basslines and gentle arps in the foreground take listeners into Madeon’s colorful world. As the song gradually progresses, ascendent chord progressions and vibrant pads add to Madeon’s translucent world and lures listeners deeper into the record’s hopeful darkness.

“Years later, a few months ago, I performed a live-streamed set for my friend Porter Robinson’s online festival Secret Sky,” continues Madeon. “I remembered ‘The Prince’ and spontaneously decided to play it out for the first time during that show. That moment is now a truly cherished memory of mine! I never intended to release it, but the enthusiasm from fans convinced me, so here it is! It’s a bit of a darker prologue to Good Faith, hope you have fun with it.”

Madeon – The Prince

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