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OPIUO and Vorso release much-anticipated collaborative EP, ‘Dusty Bugs’

Sonic brothers Opiuo and Vorso have teamed up to unleash a horde of new tracks upon the world with their collaborative EP, Dusty Bugs. The project is out now on Opiuo’s Slurp Music and features three new songs on top of the lead single, “Martian March,” which premiered last month.

“Never once a lack of inspiration, the ideas flew back and forth freely, and were always positively reciprocated amongst us both,” said Opiuo on working with Vorso. “It was an honor to make music with such a talented, kind, exciting producer.”

From the shuffling beat of the title track, “Dusty Bugs,” to the earthquaking bass of “Why Not,” the range and diversity of the project highlights the limitless production the duo possesses.

“I’ve been listening to Opiuo tunes for many, many years so getting the chance to work with him was a dream come true,” said Vorso on their time working together. “Every idea he contributed to each of these tunes blew my mind. It was really nice to work at this tempo as well. A lot of my favorite tunes are mid tempo/glitch hop bits from the 2012s so it feels good to contribute something to that style of music.”

This latest project is the icing on the cake for Opiuo as he marks a year full of celebrated releases. From the standout single, “Bam Bam” produced alongside CloZee, to the charity-driven single, “Til We’re Dancing Together,” and an official remix for the award-winning Whiplash soundtrack, Opiuo has certainly begun the new decade on a high note.

Opiuo x Vorso – Dusty Bugs EP

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