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Seven Lions DJs and throws hands up during set LED blue background

Seven Lions uploads his Visions 4 throwback set [WATCH]

Featured photo: Rukes

Despite the challenging nature of surviving in today’s music industry, some are adapting unexpectedly well and setting the bar high. One such artist is Seven Lions, who returned with another killer livestream set. This particular set, performed on another of his curated Visions online events, was a nostalgic throwback set for seasoned fans.

In keeping with his previous quarantine streams, the set is killer and high energy. Seven Lions doesn’t just play his originals, though, as it also features songs from other memorable artists including Adventure Club, Feed Me, and Zedd. The fifty minute cosmic journey highlights some gems from the most memorable era of dubstep, as well as getting into some classic Seven Lions beats and big room emotional peaks.

Watch below, and stay tuned for the next installment of Visions.

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