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Lane 8 puts hands in air with headphone on during a DJ set

Lane 8 soars to new heights on gorgeous collaborative album, ‘Cross Pollination’

Few things measure up to Lane 8‘s outstanding and ever-so-frequent output. Between his warm summer mixtape and his third studio album, Brightest Lights, released at the top of the year, the San Fransisco-based progressive maven seems to have a never-ending catalogue of new sounds. That doesn’t even make mention of the countless surprise mixes, This Never Happened compilations, and one-off collaborative singles he’s released in the time between. Now Lane 8 has raised the bar on himself with a beautiful seven-track collaborative album, Cross Pollination, that soars to new heights.

Featuring co-piloting contributions from Massane, Kasablanca, Anderholm, and more. the appropriately titled LP is a beautiful journey through many sonic textures. From the previously-released angelic hymn, “Shatter” alongside OTR, and cascading musical propulsion of the Yotto-assisted track, “Buggy,” to the classic progressive builds on “Matcha Mistake” with Kidnap and the symphonic gliding horns on Hexlogic‘s ” Out Of Sight,” the entire project represents the perfect unity of sounds between Lane 8 himself and his sonic compadres.

The result is a masterful woven tapestry that stands at the pinnacle of what one would expect from a This Never Happened release. If nothing else, the joint venture proves just how far the wingspan of the Lane 8 soundscape stretches.

Lane 8 – Cross Pollination

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